Welcome to Talks by Megan, a platform to debunk mental ill health stigmas by counteracting media stereotypes with the human side and reality.

The Talks by Megan Blog was created to discuss topics at a longer length. Everything from current events; navigating starting a career; mental health topics; and hidden disabilities awareness.
The Talks by [You] Project (2020) allowed guest writers to have space to talk about what they advocate for or a topic they felt needs a spotlight.
Personal experiences are combined with communications knowledge to inform the wider community who may not experience these stigmas and accessibility restrictions in their daily lives. Talks by Megan also strives to provide a space for others to share their lived experiences. Given the nature of content, credible support resources are signposted for further information. Please seek professional support and services for individual advice.
The initial Instagram account was set up in September 2019 in response to performative advocacy. Since then, the project has expanded to include a blog, other social media accounts, and opportunities to collaborate on external projects.
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The Continue I’m Listening podcast, a sister project to Talks by Megan, moves away from mental health awareness and looks to spotlight the guests’ interests (similar to the 2020 Talks by You project) in a supportive and inclusive environment. Click here for the Instagram.